Date TBD
Host Hotel:

Qualifications for Entering the
Mrs. Mississippi America Pageant:

* At least 18 years old;
* Married, residing with your husband and not separated or in the process of a divorce;
* A Mississippi resident for at least 3 months (residency on a military base is
* Of good moral character;
*You may only compete in ONE Mrs. America STATE preliminary per pageant year;

Judging Criteria/Categories

* Personal interview;
* Beauty;
* Physical Fitness in Swimsuit;
* Evening Gown;

Each category is valued at 25% of your total score

Here's how you get started!

First you download an application from this website, type it and send it, along a
snapshot of yourself, and your $300 deposit.  Be sure to specify your top two choices
for local titles that you would like to represent, just in case someone has already been
awarded your first choice, we will have a second choice to work with.  Your local title
should follow the format of "Mrs. Your City(or)Town(or)County". Titles are awarded on
a first come basis.

Once we have received your application, photo and $300 deposit, we will order and
send you a beautiful embroidered sash that you may wear while making personal
appearances, parades, etc., in your community. Once assigned, the local titles are valid
immediately through the 2015 Mrs. Mississippi America Pageant. You are NOT
required to make local appearances, but it is a lot of fun and can help you down the
road when you are trying to obtain sponsors for your entry fee and ad sales.

You are then required to sign a contestant agreement (emailed to you by our office)
that states that you will represent your “local title” in the Mrs. Mississippi Pageant of that
pageant year and maintain integrity, honor and decorum while representing the local
title, as well as the Mrs. Mississippi Pageant. The fees for the state pageant are $600,
from which you deduct the $300 you have already paid (local titleholder deposit),
leaving a balance of $300 due no later than the pageant deadline which is will be in the
fall of 2014, the exact deadline has yet to be determined.   You can and are encouraged
to, obtain sponsors for all of your fees, and list their names beside your contestant
photograph in our beautiful Mrs. Mississippi online program book. You may offer to
make appearances as “Mrs. Your city/county” to sign autographs, etc., in exchange for
sponsorships from businesses. Car dealers are great about this, so are salons, malls,
clothing stores, etc.

Each contestant is also required to sell a minimum of $300 in advertisements in our
online program book. Any combination of ad sizes may be used to reach the $300
minimum.   The full color on line program book will remain posted on this web site until it
is replaced by the following year's pageant program book replaces it.  A rate sheet will
follow in your complete entry packet with the ad prices.  Ad sales are due by the
pageant deadline of October 19th along with all forms and paperwork.  The deadline for
the 2015 Mrs. Mississippi Pageant for entry, all fees and all paperwork will be
determined once the date and location are finalized and announced on this website.

Upon receipt of your application, snapshot and deposit, we will let you know within just
a few days as to if you have been awarded the local title for which you applied. Please
be sure to list your first and second choice of titles.

Contestants are responsible for making their own reservations and paying for their own
lodging at the host hotel prescribed by the pageant for pageant weekend.  The pageant
will negotiate a favorable group rate and will block rooms until a specified date for
contestants, friends & families to book within.

If you are forced to resign from your local title, or withdraw from the Mrs. Mississippi
competition after fees have been paid, no refund will be given. Depending on the
circumstance, a credit to participate in the following year's competition may be issued,
solely at the discretion of the pageant director(s).

You may pay your pageant fees, ad sales, etc., via personal check, credit or debit card,
or Paypal, through this web site.  Just go to the "Pay Pageant Fees" tab on this web
site and follow the instructions.  In the interest of time, you are encouraged to email
your application and snapshot and pay the deposit through this site.

If you would prefer to enter by mail, please contact us at info@mrsmississippipageant.
com and we will give you instructions for entering by mail.

Other anticipated expenses:

Pageant DVD:  $40 (optional)
Pageant Photography Package:  $50 minimum package (mandatory)
Interview Attire:  Suit, dress or pantsuit
Swimsuit:  One piece solid color is required
Evening Gown:  Floor length gown of your choice
Opening Number/Grand Parade of Contestants:  To Be Provided by Mrs.
Mississippi Pageant
Hotel/Lodging Expense for Pageant Weekend